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At the end of the yard, he goes through a half-open rusty door, which makes him come across an abandoned factory.

Marcel Emilien was 7 years old when he first experienced a heavy void.


He was afraid and curious; the smell of sludge was intoxicating. The echo of this massive concrete shell rings out through his little steps and light passing through broken windows illuminate the hanging dust.

He gets a taste of consistent silence, which cannot stop nourishing the artist’s questions.

Born in Saint-Etienne (France) in 1978, he grew up in a waning post-industrial universe. A descendent of coal miners, his labor parents render him suitable for a demanding profession.

Despite his father’s continuous refusal, he chose artistic studies.

Following which, he graduated (DNSEP) from the Fine Arts school of Toulon (France) in 2006.

Henceforth, he knew that his life will be devoted to art, but he became an entrepreneur in the textile industry.


This is followed by a period during which he tries to work as a laborer, accruing challenging…

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