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What a gift to be a french contemporary artist regarding those who marked the art history!

In this article, you will discover three worldwide renowned fine artists of the Modern Art period who inspiring my abstract painting photography collection « Under The Skin ».

The first one was born in Marseille, a city facing the Mediterranean Sea. This artist started creating with pieces of metal that he upcycled from a scrap company in which he was working hard. His name was Cesar.

I appreciate the trajectory of his life, started from nothing. He literally said to himself: « I want to be an artist, and I want to start now ». This man was brave and mentally strong. He was pushed by an inner force that I can recognize.

I will not share you his bio, neither his artworks. See it on Wikipedia if you want more.

What I think important here is what this human been was under the artist skin. Cesar was a simple man, in love with women, delicious french food and wine. He was an emphatic humanist enjoying life in a serious sculptor body. A little bit contradictory, isn’t it?

This tension in his character was creating force in his work producing impressing sculptures. You can find a video on the internet in which a TV journalist asks the artist what does he think about the soccer match at the end of the day: « Will the Marseille soccer team will win tonight? ».

Question he answers by:   

🤬 Soccer don’t matter. My art work is the only thing I have in mind. All other subjects do not interest me at all!

Today, the Cesar name is internationally knew thanks to the trophy the most worldwide talented actors win during the cinema ceremonial show.

Let’s talk about the second one, a man obsessed by the act of collecting objects. His work is about possession. Who owns whom? This is my understanding, and you will maybe not find this information on Wikipedia.

Arman created artworks composed by an accumulation of objects (Currently the same object repeated on the surface). In his daily life in the city of Nice, the artist fill warehouses and garages with all kind of objects that he don’t really know what they will serve for.

Instead of representing the reality, Arman uses it. He puts the objects directly to the virgin surface. Glued them between to form a unit which becomes the artwork itself. Art going from representation to manifestation.

Same as the art of Cesar, you are facing poetry despite the brutal act of the creator. There is also a tension between the the artist and his piece of art which produce a strong feeling of materialization.

From violence to delicacy, Arman's work is a tribute to the relationship that exists between man and his need for possession.

The 3rd one is alive and also a man (Sorry girls).

He is renowned for his photographic art work. I don’t know anything about his daily life, or what kind of man he is. What interests me here his the question about space that his work frontally suggests us.

Putting colored geometric forms between the viewer and the background space, the image pushes us to destroy our own apprehension of what we call reality.

The use of the anamorphic technic invites us to consciously focus on the point of view. From my understanding, the work of George Rousse is about the self implication we have in our own representation of reality combined with space.

That implicates him to eliminate all distraction points in the image composition and to build a purified aestheticism.

What I share with Georges is the experience of the emptiness as a feeling, which drove me to produce art today.

As those three famous artists, my artist mission is to contribute for the truth to reveal it from itself through the invitation to look at the reality from a different point of view.

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