03.09.22 02:57 PM Comment(s) By Marcel Émilien

You already collect art, but do you know exactly why ?

Today, many collectors are buying art with no idea in mind. Perhaps it’s not the same in your case.

Others are collecting with passion. But, to feel passion does not mean that you know precisely what direction your act of collecting art is taken.

It’s not your fault. Collecting art is not an easy discipline, and giving a sense to your art collection needs a huge effort.

Although finding a purpose to life is natural for human beens, grabbing it in the art world can be a little bit tricky.

There is no rule, no blueprint, no certitude here.

You discover new emergent artists from social medias, galleries, friends, and there are a lot. Too much artworks to check, analyze, asking for price, avaibility.

It takes time. So, the reasonable way may be to select a short list of artists in who you can establish confidence, to build a long term relationship and securise your purchases.

ℹ️ Here are the only 3 points for choosing the best artists profiles:

1. The artist selection matches with the purpose of your art collection (Not only visually, but also in his words).

2. The buying process with this artist is clear, transparent, and secure (Also check the return policy).

3. The artist value grows each year (Means that this artist is thinking long-term).

Does it mean that applying those 3 points will assure success to your collection?

Of course not.

Collecting art asks you to make some mistakes. The most important is to take action (With your heart). After a periode you will find that the first mental idea who push you to buy art was not the real raison.

Your act of collecting style is unique

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