04.09.22 09:11 AM Comment(s) By Marcel Émilien

Does this title sound ridiculously bizarre?

Maybe not! Everybody knows the difference between painting and photography.

When you think about a photographer, you see him camera in hand, shooting a subject. The painter is more likely an “in studio guy”, using his brush on canvas.

Regarding them, you can considere me as the fisrt guy. Except that my photos are: abstract paintings!

It is not my fault as I never projected my actual work as it is right now. We met together when I was looking for nothing. It’s an other story that I will share with you in an future article.

Abstract painting is the heiress of a long painting tradition. At the bigenning of the 19th century, František Kupka started to paint feelings instead of representing reality.

At the same period, most artists experiment the same approach in different points on the planet without any communication between themself.

It’s like human been evolution through art.


ℹ️ Scientists discovered that in the light rays produce an "impression" in the eye and then the nerves of the retina transmit them to the brain where they appear in the form of "sensations".

Photography which arrived 50 years earlier releases the act of painting from the realistic representation of the world.

We could say that abstract painting may not existed without photography.

I know! You probably would like to put painting in a case, and photography in an other one. But, art is not as linear as our existence perception.

Art is an adventure!

And it’s difficult for us to refuse the game.

It was not my wish to produce abstract-painting-photography. And how dissapointed I am discovering the chronology of History and how photography and abstract painting are connected.

Sometimes life pushes you in an non-sense way, that appears you clearly few years later.

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