04.09.22 09:41 AM Comment(s) By Marcel Émilien

Instagram, Facebook, even TikTok became the place to be for artists to show their work all over the world.

But, does all the world has to see my art?

Must artists are thinking that “Yes!”, everybody must see (And love) their art.

I am not part of this band!

My artist mission is to reveal the truth behind our perception of what we called reallity.

In the series “Under The Skin”, each piece of art says that the real artist is the Existence (Not me as a human been).

So, there is no “My art” to show to the humanity.

As an artist in misson, I must share my artworks with the right collectors 👉 Whom agree with the fact of questionning the essence of life and contributing to this mission too.

Forget the mass market (Even the art market)!

My collectors family follows the truth as the most important value. Few brave individuals that you may join.

The 2nd raison why I am not on social media is because I considere art as a awakening tool.

Let’s be clear, I am not saying that I am here to awake any of us. I am just an artist on mission. And, I know the power of art.

On the other way, social medias have also an impact (From the dark side). They are pushing our identity to the front of the scene. It makes us ultra-emotional characters who want long joy and short pain.

Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok must maintain us in a deep state of entertainment, incrasing the time we stay on screen.

Our time is their money 🤑

Each second we scroll on social medias gives them the opportunity to sell ads spaces to brands.

Each content we publish on them influences the other users to scroll again and again. The mass effect incrases the entertainment system, wich allows the social medias to make billions of dollars.

Entertainment pushes you far from the truth!

You probably think the opposite. A good movie can make you feel more alive than usual. A incredible one man show can enjoy you and make you smile for hours.

But, it’s a trape! And you know it. Your mental is trying to stay far from pain, focusing on good vibes.

It’s not your fault. We are educated (Programmed) to act like this. During that time, we disconnect ourself from the reality.

What experience do you really want with an artist?

ℹ️ You have 2 choices👇

1. To eat the mass content the artist deliver to social medias (For what you are not considerated).

2. Direct chat with the artist to question him and share your point of view (In which you collaborate).

I don’t see you as a public. You are my collector, the human been with who we are growing an authentic and deep experience.

Not 100% of my collectors are buyers! Some nourrish my art through inspiring discussions.

Others are going to the same direction of my artist mission and keep me in contact with other potential collectors. And few contribute to this awsome adventure buying my abstract painting-photography artworks.

Each one of you is an essential part of our hearts network.

👉 Click here now to join the Private List !

No email required, only YOU and me (The artist) direct chatting on WhatsApp.


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