Under The Skin

The Under the Skin collection offers us a motionless stroll

Observing what was hidden until now on the walls of our cities, to discover the test of time.

Rusty colors, concrete cracks, flaking paint, decaying matter, play the painter here.

Has fate succeeded at the pictorial mastery before man?


A photographic series lies in front of us, whose tool pays a tribute to light, the one which brightens up, burns, consumes the unnecessary, to only highlight what’s essential.

“When I look at my photo work with my eyes closed, I can smell the sludge which was absorbed by my father’s coveralls. I caress the thick and rugged texture of concrete walls. I see the sharp and unwavering look of my grandfather who passed away after digging black gold from a rather dark ground”


At times subtle and at times heart-rending, the work of Marcel Emilien brings us back to the roots of our history, track of time, just like generation ties, omnipresence of the material like a proof of reality.

The artist questions reality, in search of its disappearance and gives us a perspective on abstract paintings, of our urban everyday life.

It is about being confronted with evolution’s pictorial nature, which makes the artist stagger until questioning previous movements, leaning on the quest for artistic mastery.


It was always present.

Portraying the beauty of perception through you.

As thin as a veil which separates us. Fragile beauty adorns with time, beyond the ancestral memories within. It offers itself barren towards eternity, under your skin.

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